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brazilian blowout upper east side NYC

A Brazilian Blowout works on all types of hair including highly textured and multi-textured hair.

A Keratin Treatment, or smoothing treatment, is a long term yet temporary solution to reduce curl pattern or frizz.  A keratin treatment is different than a chemical straightening treatment, which will permanently straighten the hair.  Keratin treatments are a great way to manage new growth if you've had a chemical relaxer or thermal straightening treatment.

We offer a few different brands of professional keratin smoothing treatments so that we can customize our approach to your hair type and texture.  The keratin smoothing treatment that we recommend will depend on your natural texture and how much of your curl pattern you would like to keep. 

brazilian blowout upper east side NYCThe Original Brazilian Blowout

Amoy and her stylists are all certified in the Brazilian Blowout! The Brazilian Blowout was the first, and remains our most popular keratin smoothing treatment. It can smooth hair, leaving it frizz free, for up to 12 weeks or more at a time. With this formula, the results are customizable so you can keep some of your natural curl pattern or go for a sleek, straight style.  It repairs split ends and leaves hair humidity proof.

The Brazilian Blowout is very effective on high textured or multi textured hair.  It is also a perfect solution for clients that are transitioning away from relaxers, or for clients who want to loosen their curl pattern and de-frizz the hair. 

brazilian blowout productsAmoy Couture Salon carries all the Brazilian Blowout retail products, including the shampoo, conditioner, mask and shine spray.

Keratin Complex Smoothing Treatment by Coppola

Keratin Complex Smoothing Brazilian Blowout NYCThe Keratin Complex can be performed on any hair type and any hair texture. It also can be used over most types of prior smoothing treatments.  It sends Keratin into the hair shaft which reduces up to 95% of the frizz, adding reflective shine, sealing in color, fighting humidity, and decreasing your blow dry time substantially.

Hair Botox

botox for hairThis smoothing treatment doesn't actually contain botox.  But just as botox relaxes wrinkles, this smoothing formula relaxes the hair's curl pattern.  The formula works by filling in individual fibers of hair with keratin to help give it fullness and make it smooth.  Hair Botox works on all hair types and it is ideal for repairing split ends and other hair damage.  Hair Botox is classified as a conditioning treatment.  It doesn’t use chemical reactions to work and it doesn't contain any formaldehyde.

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